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Primary School Teacher Training


The course covers the latest teaching methodology and introduces motivating and creative practical ideas which the participants will take part in. Following this, teachers discuss their effectiveness and how they could be adapted for students of different levels.

The course may include the following:

  • Presenting, practicing, and reviewing vocabulary for children
  • Communicative grammar for young learners
  • Using songs, rhymes and chants in language learning
  • Using drama with children
  • Pronunciation activities
  • Stories in language learning
  • Playground games through English


Increasing the Teachers' confidence using English

Increasing one's own confidence with the language is vitally important for any language teacher in order to become more competent at their job. We have found this aspect of the course to be particularly important for primary teachers who either have not studied very much English or have not used English since school or university and need their language re-activated.

This aspect of the course focuses on:

  • Increasing fluency
  • Pronunciation
  • Extending vocabulary
  • Classroom language